Friday, August 3, 2012


When his big eyes and my small eyes meet which for the whole year talk though computer screens. Mine are searching for those big eyes in the crowd of thousands on the metro station and as those deep eyes found mine, I feel it is the best moment ever and wishes it just pause right there.

The feeling of being with those big eyes, holding those hands which tapped the keyboard every night and chatting with me sacrificing his sleep forgetting his tiredness and tensions.

When we breathe in the same ambience, I realize it is the same air which might have touched his face just now. Standing in the same metro together just a few inches apart made me remember the times when I had talk to him on the phone while travelling on the same route alone, when he is thousands and thousands of miles away from me.

When we walk the same paths hand in hand as our fingers cross each other’s filling the gaps in between. When those big eyes always follow and watch me as I watch others, outside the metro, then at the route map. I realize they are staring at me and I return the watch back to them with small ones and they looked away.

For the whole year we ate two different meals of two different cuisines German and Indian from two different dishes, and now we are eating from the same dish, the same food. When we sit together on the same table sips the drink from the same glass and straw. When I can tell those thoughts right at that time when they come in my mind, which I used to remember till the time we talk at night.

When I realize we are breathing in the same city and same country, when the sunlight falls on us  and we are doing the same things at the same place and same time.

When he put his head on my shoulder and then I rest my head on his shoulder with my eyes closed and I wish this moment to stop right there for the eternity, so I could sit like this for the rest of my life without anyone’s fear of catching us.

When we compare the lines on our palms and when we compare who is taller (though I always know he is taller than me but still I love teasing him and saying we are equal in height). When we walk on the pathways holding each other’s hands listening to the tweeting sounds of nightingale  sparrows and cuckoo.

These rare days, these rare feelings, these rare realizations of togetherness and sameness come once in a blue moon and that is why they are so precious and lovely. We cherish them forever and wait for them to come.


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    1. Thank you Sathish !! I am glad you visited and took time to read it :)

  2. Cannot be more lovely and romantic than this Anjali. Loved it :)
    Wish you cherish those wonderful moments forever