Saturday, June 30, 2012


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Castle of sands
blown in the wind,
World of dreams
pulverize by my owns,
Hampering even my small steps,
their words reproached
and haunts.
But I no longer listen
to their taunts.
Following my dreams
I will build my home again
Not castle in the air,
But in actuality.

PS: It is my first attempt for the Three Word Wednesday. Hope you like my effort, if you do or if you don't like it, please let me know about it. And now when you have read my request, sincerely fill the comment form below. :P 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Stranger

The stranger
Who is always with me
I do not know her
She do not recognize me
Still we live together
Every time every second
Without talking
Without walking
Without even living
Yet we both breathe together
Every second, every minute.

At times, we crossed the paths
When happiness walks the way
She takes me back
To the melancholy
To my reality, the solitude.

This stranger
I think about her every day
Sometimes she also thinks about me,
Then forgets me
And bound me with destiny
Her friend, my foe.

We walk together hand in hand
Like good friends, like lovers
Everyone feels we both are enjoying
Living it to the full
But reality is known
Only to her and me.

I want to leave her hand
And wants to walk away
To the tranquility, the serenity
For the eternity.
But every time I try
She holds me back
And take me to the ones
Who do not know me
Who do not need me.

And I again get stuck
Between them
The hypocrites, the selfish, the in-humans
All around me
And this stranger.
She laughs out loud
I cry out loud
But no one listen,
Only my dear stranger – the Life
Can hear me with
Her harsh heart open
For my feelings, crying and inabilities.

She is the only one
Who is and will be with me always
We suffer and relieve together.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

White Beauty

A white flower whose name I don't know, if you know please let me know.. :D