Sunday, August 12, 2012

Shaadi Ka Laddoo

“Shaadi Ka Laddoo”, its a bitter-sweet dessert, the dish which everyone wants to eat or try at least once in life and even if anyone doesn’t wants to, then also he or she has to eat it. So you don’t have any choice unless you are very dominant on your family but only to a certain period. Early or later everyone has to try and should try it because ‘one should try everything at least once in life’ whether it is something bad or good.

And it turns out to be good or bad for you it’s your destiny no one can be completely responsible for the fruit because you yourself are the gardener and it is in your hands what you make it or break it.

And if you want to eat the ‘Laddoo’ then either you will make it yourself or if you are not able to do so, your family will make the dish for you. But I think one should make it himself or herself according to their tastes and preferences, and if you don’t make it yourself and let your family do the honors for you. Then either you would be happy with the ingredients and will happily eat it. But in case you don’t, then you will blame your family whole your life for the wrong Laddoo choice, so it is better to choose your own Laddoo and be satisfied with your choice, rather than blaming your family.

But sometimes it happens that we choose our Laddoo and our family doesn’t want us to eat it, either because their culture and custom doesn’t allow it or they are afraid of what society will think and say about it. Someone has very rightly said it “sabse bada hai rog kya kahenge log” (the biggest disease is what will people say).

But I never understood how come parents can compromise with their kid’s whole life happiness over the society’s usual gossip. People never come to anyone’s help if something unfortunate happens but still family care about what will people say.  For the society marriage is a free party to enjoy, eat and gossip about others. But it is the couple who have to live with it till they die.

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I think love marriage and arranged marriage is like suicide and murder, respectively. In love marriage we jump into the well with our own choice and happiness, thus suicide (khudkhushi). While in arranged marriage our family and relatives push us into the well, thus a planned murder (sochi samjhi saazish). In both the cases you die and enter into the hell :P.

In either of the case the couple has to make the compromises to continue the marriage with a slow pace and in India, the girl is expected to make more compromises than the boy. Thus I feel for me it is a total suicide, love or arranged it is still marriage.  I will have to leave my old lifestyle and adapt the new one according to others (Huh.. my not so liberated freedom will also be lost :( :P).

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  1. haha! Some good feelings talked about here...

    Vaise I prefer to make this dish myself..

    1. Good for you and for your 'laddoo' also .. Lolz :D
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  2. Lol..... too much Ladoo.. :D

    I think love marriage and arranged marriage is like suicide and murder.. its too gud.... I love the picture..:)


  3. nice post :) all the best for the contest !

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