Monday, May 11, 2015

Who am I?

Who am I? I am still in search of its answer, in the process of making my 'Identity'.

In the meanwhile, I am a Dreamer, Observer, Struggler and an Impatient Being. But the most important thing about me is that I want to change all this except being an Observer.

I would always love to observe the things, the world, the people, nature, and the birds. And yes, I do observe myself too. I am a changed person now than what I was a few years earlier. Although my habits have not changed much which I always wanted to do and still wants to.  But still I feel change I am a bit older now and more mature maybe.  Yes, we say age is just a number but I realized lately it’s an important number. And you can never get back to the time you have already lost.

Whenever someone asks me, “tell me something about yourself”. I tell them my name, about my family, my hobbies - which I don’t mostly pursue, and what I do I don’t count them as my hobbies. This one question has always been a difficult one for me on which if I keep thinking I won’t stop to tell them about me. But then I realized what I think is not what people wants to listen.

I am the one with the silent nature but the loudest mind. I am the one who stands in the crowd but still seems different. I am the one who is there in between the people but still not there, a wanderer.  When I passed out from school I got the title “silent water runs deeper”. I took it in a positive manner. I am like a river which seems quiet and shallow on the surface but might be deeper than what you observe. Many might feel I am a mysterious person, but only those who are close to me know how open I am about my thoughts.  Thus, I am a reserved person too everyone can’t be my friend neither I can be a friend to everyone.