Monday, November 30, 2015


I hate goodbyes. I just can’t do it. It is always the other person who had to do it if they must. Most of the times goodbyes are unsaid and these are more painful than the ones that are said. Because you always have that hope of their returning back to you, but usually they don’t. And even if they do, it is not the same person that you know earlier.

I saying goodbye to someone is of no use because I always turn back to them to say a hello or to know how are you? These goodbyes I am referring not only to your loved ones, but there are unsaid goodbyes between the friends also. Your school or college or just any friend who promised to stay by your side always, but then everyone gets busy in the hustle-bustle of their own life, make new friends and then you never talk again and lose contacts. But thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, he made a wonderful thing called Facebook. Now, you can find them but only if you can still recognize them in their display pictures and if you have the patience to scroll down to the list of hundreds of profiles with the same name.

There are also some friends, whom you say goodbye no matter how many times, but you always drift back in a year or two or sometimes more. These are my favorite people. I think even I am also one of these because I usually don’t lose phone numbers and I always save it somewhere or maybe just because of my good memory. Good memory, I must say is not always a good thing to have. Because it also not lets you forget the bad memories or the things you want to forget.

But one should never say goodbye to the ones they can’t do without, no matter what the circumstances are. I think if you really want them in your life you can always manage things and try harder. Maybe, I am not right completely because one cannot change the destiny and sometimes goodbye is the only option left. In the end, I would say goodbyes are the hardest part of my life but somehow it always comes back in my life with one or another face.