Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Image Courtesy: www.imgkid.com

To be in the shade, you have to feel the scorching heat.
life is tangled in the process of covering this distance
Long or short, always depends on your actions, it is destined.

In the desert, you have to walk miles,
to get a few minutes of a shade.

It is a hard earned shelter which might be only for a while,
you might get a cool heavy rain or deadly hot storm.

But you have to face it you don’t have another option,
you can’t escape it.

Life is similar to this desert,
you have to face the challenges,
and conquer them to succeed.

The only difference is you are not alone in this desert to walk,
there will be many in your way to obstruct,
and many to encourage you sometimes.

But to reach your destination,
 you have to keep on moving, without halting.

Sometimes it might feel like,
 you have faced enough,
but there is nothing like enough.

You have to be courageous,
to achieve the Everest of your life.

In the desert you are in desert
in life too, you are alone.

No one is actually there,
you have to make your own ways.

No one can do it better than you, yourself
because it’s your life, after all.