Saturday, May 12, 2012

Blogging - an idea discovered and evolving

I never had any idea about what blogs are till the day my friend told me about it and encouraged me to start a blog and write something to spend my spare time. Then I had a thought about it and I was so confident “yeah dude I can also write.”

Then the other day at 2.30 am I was tired of turning on my bed because of my insomniac habit, I decided to start my laptop and open a blog, but then I realized I have no idea what I will write on it so it was difficult to choose a name for it which will match its content. I thought about it till I was not bored of thinking while I searched some blogs with dear Google, who knows everything and I found some very good blogs which had awesome contents and I thought “am I again going to do something just to make myself feel like a fool in the end?”

My lazy brain’s lazy horses were running for almost 30 minutes and gave me this idea to name it “The Virtual Life” after all its virtual thing I will be writing about my real life on this virtual world and I thought “hmm.. not a bad idea.” And finally I created it with this name but after sometime the lazy horses again started walking with more slower speed and said “it could have been more better” and I shouted back “just shut up you idiot don’t waste your already finished energy and my precious time.”

So that’s how this blog got its name and our generous friend Google even offered me to “Let search engines find your blog?” and I said “Yeah, why not you are the one and only friend of mine.” I know no body is interested in knowing how I started blogging, why I started or how my blog got it's name? But still I am posting about it because I have nothing else to blog about so if you are feeling that you are wasting your time reading this, then I would say you are right and you can stop here and continue your important work (which you do not have I know that is why you are still reading :D).

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Then after gathering all the courage I posted few posts on it and I realized I am the only one visiting my blog and reading it. I got bored of it and thought “if I am the only one to read it then what is the need of writing and wasting my time (I am the busiest person on earth even Mr. Obama cannot beat me in this) in posting it on this stupid blog I already know everything.”

And for almost a period of two years I left this blogging thing with only 1-2 posts in 4-5 months and said “it’s not my cup of tea.” But then came my Messiah (and of many of yours too I know), the generous Indiblogger which said to me “We Blog, Therefore We Are” and gave me the honor of adding the badge of IndiWriter to my blog and I starts blushing when I read that word ‘Writer’ on my blog (though deep down in my heart I know it doesn’t make me any writer or anything, it is just for satisfying and sympathizing the poor bloggers like me). And I started posting a bit frequently than before things like poems which seldom rhymes and showcasing my poor photography skills which are clicked sometimes by God grace at the right time with right angle or shot.

But I am happy with this blogging thing now only because of the great IndiBlogger, as now I am not the only one wasting my time in writing these posts and reading it, but there are few others too who visit my blog and sometimes leave some good comments. And I thank all those generous members of IndiBlogger and some others too who visit my blog and waste their time in reading it, sincerely I am grateful to you all keep doing this and I will be thankful always (I know you don’t want me to only thankful and grateful, don’t worry I will also visit your blogs and comment too :D). 

By the way, you can also add your comments below and sometimes I take comments as comments (which literary means criticism) so it is not necessary that you add a compliment I also appreciate critics wholeheartedly. I knew you will read it till the end that is why I continued blabbing now you can post your comment below, its enough for today.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Jab We Met

After ages, when we met
it feels as if we met right after our first meeting.
I can still see the same little eyes full of dreams,
nonchalant smile that still freaks me out,
a complex mind with a billion thoughts.
Though she grew older, I got a little fat
but, it does not matter.

After one million seconds, when we holded each other's hands
it still feel like our first touch, a high voltage current.
Her moving eyes, her stupid smile and a perfect evening near a lake,
all looked so imperfectly perfect, just like a beautiful moon with tons of spots,
we talked, laughed and bored together and it was beautiful.
Though, I was not the most humorous person and neither she was the most wittiest.

After breaching million miles distance, when our heart met,
we still feel that how little we know about each other.
I enjoyed her acrobatic way of photography and she adored my stupid talk,
I admired the way she ignores my talk
and she gave me her usual bewildering look.

After getting one more year old, when we met
I enjoyed telling her my boring stories,
and she behaved as if they were the most interesting ones.
We sat under the tree and looked in to each other's eyes,
finding our future dreams - dreams of hope, love and affection.

I dreamed about how many more dark lines she will get when she grew old,
she measured my idiotic activities and declared me a certified fool.
Though I am not perfect, neither she is an imperfect
I still know that she has the most beautiful heart of all creatures (including birds and animals).

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