Sunday, August 5, 2012

Politicians - Constitutional Criminals

This morning I read in the newspaper the headline on the front page “MPs charged with serious crimes get guns from Government”, and I was like “wow, so responsible”. Giving guns to the criminals that too with legal permission for their self-defense?  Politicians (criminals), who are already given stringent security by the army and police, how logical is it to provide them a personal gun? They should get them under custody instead providing pistols, but unfortunately, the corruption and weak Indian law system give them bail only to commit more crimes with a legal weapon now. It is a sheer waste of public money which can be used in many other ways for the betterment of the country and public.

It is laughable to read such news, at the same time it is also a serious issue. It is like government themselves giving them guidance and support to play with the life of a common man and laugh at the laws. This is why thousands of cases are pending in the courts when the government consists of criminals how anyone can attain justice? In India, politics is referred as the business for the goons, criminals and rich. No educated, honest and good individual wants to become a politician it is a well-known fact in India, but unfortunately, only politicians have the power to bring change on a large scale and no honest people want to go into this dirty game of politics. Thus, our country lacks good politicians and less development.

Atiq Ahmad, a criminal-politician of Samajwadi Party from Uttar Pradesh had 44 criminal cases pending at the time he has been allotted a rifle by the government which costs Rs 3,15,000 and much more such allotments have been made to such criminal-politicians. These criminals get into politics just because they have lots of money and these political parties allow them to fight in an election. Such actions ruin all hopes of the public in government and law. First, they allow criminals to become politicians and have constitutional power and allotting them guns is like feeding the monsters. Such acts are disrespect to the constitution, leaders and freedom fighters who had fought for the independence of our country.

Criminalization of politics is an evil in the democracy for which seeds were sown long before and now even the government is taking part in growing this tree of evil in our country. But, nothing is shocking in this, after all, we all know who the government consists of - the politicians or the criminals. Though all of them are not criminals few are real good people who are doing good things for the public, but they are so less in number which is almost like nothing in the gang of criminals.

Murdering an innocent man, using their constitutional power for illegal activities, use of muscle power to win elections, watching porn in the state assembly are some of the things which our politicians do without any fear and from whom will be they afraid of when the law and government are under them. This evil is spreading like cancer and destroying the democracy. If only they had done something good, our country would have been most successful democracy instead of just largest democracy with longest written constitution, but an impractical one. 

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