Friday, February 3, 2012

My adventurous February

My January, it ended with a trauma
I was going home and met a mate
Outside the college gate,
She is always so famous
Because of her foolish activities,
She asked me to give a drive
As I m always so nice I agreed.
And in just two minutes I was in mud
With dry leaves on the ground,
The sand on my clothes,
and on my face and in my hairs.
Everything became so muddy               
And my precious thing was with many fractures
And my heart broke and I was crying.
But the irony was everyone asked me,
Why I m crying and I gave a thought,
No one understood it was my only friend.
My hands shivering while driving
I was just hoping no another accident to occur
As I drive to my home and reached safely,
And I slipped into my bed with my face covered.
The next day I woke up with pain in heart
As my left-side ribs were paining
And the January ended with a gifted sickness
But I hate doctors they make me more ill
And my adventurous February started with a thrill.

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