Friday, September 9, 2011

Wait is still long ... !!

It’s been dark for too long,
The love, the life all went wrong.
For the time being let me be strong,
The wait is still long.

If not the sunshine may be just dawn,
The path is yet to be drawn.
Solitude is still my song,
The wait is still long.

I just saw a little hope,
Let me see if there is any scope.
I thought it will work this time,
But, the wait is still long.

I am losing faith in me,
And I am fed up of this dilemma.
The destiny proving me a loser,
It wants me to be a cruiser.

I have been waiting for years,
Rain follows as fell, my tears.
The queer feeling of fears,
May transform into cheers.

But, the wait is still long,
It still goes on.