Saturday, February 18, 2012

Next time

Next time when you come to my way, my life
come with a torch, a candle or a light.
For its too dark, the way towards me
you might fall or tumble or might get hurt.
The path is full with holes or pits or trenches,
it might not be visible enough.

Next time when you come to my way, my life
bring with you a little joy, delight or liveliness.
For the things so slumber or quiescent here
you might feel after a while bore, aloof or lassitude.
Because I might not be so joyous, lively or bright
it might not be interesting and entertaining to you anymore.

Next time when you come or if you ever come,
then come through the passage or alley drawn by you.
Do not come forsake of me or anyone
you might not stay for a while or long again.
And I might not be able to make you rest, stay or still
so if you come, come by your pleasure, choice or rejoice.