Saturday, August 15, 2015

Live, Learn and Carry On

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Life is a journey in which we experience many things and learn from it. The important thing is to learn and change your life gradually. I am sharing some of the things which I have learned in my life and I wish I won't repeat the same mistakes again.

I have learned that if you don't think about yourself then don't expect that anyone else would do this for you. If you don't bother to do this doesn't mean that others will think about you before themselves.

I have learned that it is never a reason that you don't have time for someone or something, it is always the priorities that change with the time and needs.

I have learned that you should never do so much for someone that it will become difficult for them to repay, or if they didn't return it will hurt you. you should never give someone the power to hurt you.

I have learned that one should never give the right to anyone to hurt you so much that it will become impossible to forgive them.

I have learned that you should never give so much value to someone in your life that you become valueless in their lives.

I have learned that you should never become dependent on anyone after a certain time period that it will become a burden for them and for you as well.

I have learned that earning happiness is more important than earning money because you can earn money in many ways, but it is not always possible to earn happiness while you earn that money.

I have learned that you should always take your decisions yourself so that you won't blame anyone else in future for what is happening in your life. After all it is your life you have to make your own ways to live it.

I have learned that, if someone expects something from you, try not to disappoint them.

I have learned that if you are expecting too much from someone, sooner or later you will be disappointed with them and yourself.

I have learned that loving yourself is more important than loving others. Don’t try to be so very kind you won’t get anything.

I have learned that you should learn to say “No”. It is not necessary to say yes to everyone on every other thing.

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