Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I wonder why we have feelings. Life would have been much simpler and less complicated if we didn’t have any feelings in the first place. They make everything so messed up. Some days I feel happy the other days sad and frustrated. Though, sad is not the right word, it is a weird feeling. It feels like there is nothing good in life to be happy about. I don’t understand why it happens like, yesterday I was feeling everything is just perfect and right now I am feeling nothing is right, there is a lot that need changes in my life, in me, my attitude, in everything. Maybe it has something to do with being positive and negative. But these all are just feelings again, why do we have them?

My life would have been much different if I didn’t have them. There would have been much fewer problems, no mood swings, no complications, no unnecessary over thinking nothing useless. I think all these feelings waste our time and become a distraction between what we actually want to do.

I know this is just unnecessary stuff I am writing, but I have to write because I don’t have anyone to speak about it or maybe no one will understand. Again, it’s my feelings which I feel no one will be able to understand. I wonder is it even possible to understand what exactly someone feels because everyone has a different mind and different perception. You can express what you feel, but you cannot be sure of what the other understands.

Many a times we say to our closed ones that “you will not understand it”, I think it is true no one understand what are the actual feelings they just empathize with us. Recently, read about “alter ego” – a close friend who thinks or feels similarly to the way you think or feel. Is it really true do people have such friends in their life? I don’t have anyone like that or maybe I am not good in expressing my feelings that’s why they don’t understand.

Alter ego have another meaning too which means the opposite side of one’s personality, I think this alter ego I have. :D No, I don’t have any split personality disorder but I guess everyone have two sides of their personality, one which they shows to everyone and the other which they don’t show to anyone or shows to only closed ones.

But still I feel the feelings are unnecessary. (Again, I feel the feeling of feeling being useless :P) Do we have another word for the word ‘feeling’? Oh God, someone, please help me with my vocabulary. Anyways, enough of feelings now I am getting sleepy feeling because it's 2 am right now and just today I checked that most of my blog posts are uploaded in the mid of the night, such an insomniac I am. I think this insomnia is also a problem that I over think and get different feelings. Whatever it is, after typing all this useless stuff I am feeling good and I think I am back to normal mode. And for this my blog and this laptop deserves a big thank you. 

PS: A big thanks to you too, yes you the one who is reading this, my generous readers. Thank you for reading. 


  1. I feel feelings are necessary for all feelings which defines are good, bad, ugly state of our mind which are again feelings. Thanks for sharing

  2. :) i could understand your feelings...
    of course no body could understand each others feelings...alike we could feel pity about others suffering but could not feel how it pains...
    good piece to read... straight from heart... i feel like it has served u as a good vent... though i could not feel what made you feel this :)

    1. I am glad , at least someone understood. Yes, it served the purpose rightly :P
      Thanks for reading :)

  3. If not for feelings, life would hold no meaning... the feel of feelings keeps us going... :-)
    Very interesting read Anjali... I hope you can get a feel of how I felt reading this post ;-)
    Cheers, Archana - www.drishti.co

    1. Yeah, I can relate Archana. Feelings are important part of our lives. :)
      Thanks for reading.

  4. Hey , how are you.. long itme no see ..