Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Things you should avoid doing gym

There is a hell lot of annoying and unnecessary things that people do in the gym which pisses off others. Maybe you do it unintentionally but always keep a check on yourself that you are not doing any of these in the gym. And I know there are people who do it intentionally and won’t budge until someone asks them to.

1.    Stop relaxing on the machines if you are not using them

This is really annoying and stupid of people who keep sitting on the machines and surfing their unnecessary Facebook or talking on the phone. And don’t get up until someone asks them to.

gym etiquettes
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2.    Walking on the treadmill while talking on the phone

Some people do it just for the sake of it and walk on the treadmill for a longer duration while chitchatting on the phone. It is not going to help you lose your calories much. You are just annoying the person who is waiting to use it after you are done with your unnecessary talks.

3.    Interfering with your not so important advice.

Yes, people do this. They interfere in your exercises while you are pushing it real hard. Maybe, they find it cool or like doing some social service but really the trainer is there to do this. Sometimes it is okay if the trainer is not around and someone is new to the gym. But not always, please stop being so nosy.

4.    Stop taking naps on yoga mat

Really, why the hell people do this? If you are not in the mood of exercising or just tired, no one is forcing you to do it just go back to your home and stop being a lazy ass in the gym. I have seen people doing this. I thought okay maybe it is shavasana but then 10 minutes later they are still lying at the same place with the same position. Please, you are using the space just to take a nap that too in the gym.

5.    Leave your laziness at the home

If you really want to see the results and want to lose that belly fat or your cellulite. Just leave your laziness back at the home before going to the gym. Because you also know it is your worst enemy ever. Laziness is the one which is stopping you from achieving your goals. If possible leave your smartphone too with the laziness; it can distract you from your goals. Push yourself real hard in the gym; go for that last rep and if possible extra reps too. Run that extra mile which you are not able to do. Complete that last set of squats or triceps. It is always extra hard work which shows the magic and you are going to love yourself more after achieving that flat belly or those six pack abs which you always wanted.

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