Friday, May 4, 2012

Jab We Met

After ages, when we met
it feels as if we met right after our first meeting.
I can still see the same little eyes full of dreams,
nonchalant smile that still freaks me out,
a complex mind with a billion thoughts.
Though she grew older, I got a little fat
but, it does not matter.

After one million seconds, when we holded each other's hands
it still feel like our first touch, a high voltage current.
Her moving eyes, her stupid smile and a perfect evening near a lake,
all looked so imperfectly perfect, just like a beautiful moon with tons of spots,
we talked, laughed and bored together and it was beautiful.
Though, I was not the most humorous person and neither she was the most wittiest.

After breaching million miles distance, when our heart met,
we still feel that how little we know about each other.
I enjoyed her acrobatic way of photography and she adored my stupid talk,
I admired the way she ignores my talk
and she gave me her usual bewildering look.

After getting one more year old, when we met
I enjoyed telling her my boring stories,
and she behaved as if they were the most interesting ones.
We sat under the tree and looked in to each other's eyes,
finding our future dreams - dreams of hope, love and affection.

I dreamed about how many more dark lines she will get when she grew old,
she measured my idiotic activities and declared me a certified fool.
Though I am not perfect, neither she is an imperfect
I still know that she has the most beautiful heart of all creatures (including birds and animals).

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