Sunday, March 11, 2012


He was half seated and half standing on the balcony in his light blue colored walker, his grandmother was standing on the gate of balcony looking at him and the kids playing with colors and water on the streets. He was looking here and there and inspecting the surroundings which he does not get a chance to see more often on his own tiny foots.

That day it was Holi - the festival of colors and happiness, everyone was enjoying and playing with gulal and other variety of dark colors with water.  So he got a chance to see and enjoy the ambience of that day and his grandmother let him enjoy on his own.

The kids in the street and the house opposite were playing and throwing cold colored water on each other and laughing with their faces masked with colors-red, blue, green, yellow, pink even silver and grey. None of them were easy to recognize.

He noticed them and started laughing and shouting in cheer with twinkle in his eyes and pink cheeks. I heard his voice and walked towards the window to see what’s going on, I reached on my room’s window and saw him happily smiling, laughing and enjoying the festival.

I stayed there on the window for a while to see him and a smile came to my face without any reason by looking at his cute face and innocent gesture. He walked from one side of the balcony to the other with help of his walker and holding the grill. He tried to touch the window on the wall which was not in his reach, because he was too small to touch it. He again started walking slowly to the other side enjoying his newly learned skill of walking through his walker smiling and touching the wall and grill.

His dad came out from the other gate to check him and asks mocking his voice into a child’s voice “what are you doing Sakshat?”

He struggle to turn back and look at his dad innocently then continued to walk to the opposite side ignoring him and walked inside from the other gate to his grandmother.

And I also went back to my novel reading and thinking about the innocence and carefree time we have while we are small everyone pampers you and look at your every move happily. But as soon as you are grown up everyone starts finding mistakes in your every step.


  1. Absolute delightful to read and I can relate to so much as I have 16 month old too ... Sakshat is beautiful name ..