Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This part of my life is called being nice ...

Everyone feels sometimes in life that always being nice and goody-goody is not so nice every time. Recently, I tried to help one of my classmate and you know what happened later, he returned the favor in a really really nice way and I have to bear all the loses that he did to my most precious thing...

You always have to pay for being nice and it is the worst thing you can do with yourself. This is what i felt after that incident.

Then, I decided I will never try to help anyone unless it is really important. But i don't know what the hell is wrong with me, why can't i resist and always same thing happen all over again. It really pissed me off later, but in the end no one is responsible for that except me. As said by a great philosopher "always what you have today is just because of what you did yesterday". You guys must be thinking now who is this great philosopher, don't think too much it's only me and am not too great yet that you might be knowing me as a great philosopher and i am not a philosopher. Well, that was just a poor joke about me being a philosopher.

And yes I remember, I was telling about my experience in being nice, well, there are a lot more experiences like that but might be you are not interested in knowing my experiences. So, I will wind up my post here and I know there was nothing too good in my post, but it is a very first post of my blog ever and i will try to write some good things in future and I think it is fun to do blogging.


  1. Going through your blog,i think this must be the first one.If yes,your blogs are really thoughtful and provocating at times with a flavour of mix words soothing and amusing .
    Keep it up.
    -Gunjan Sinha

    1. Hey Gunjan, that's so nice of you to comment on this blogpost and yes, it is the first one. I am so happy that you liked my blog and could use such good adjectives for my mediocre thoughts. I never expected a comment on this post. Thanks a ton :)